Les Doux

"I've tried my best"

we’re still a band

we’re recording demos. they’re not ready to be shared. we’ve also booked some studio time in march. we also just purchased a lot of much nicer equipment. But most importantly, we all still drink together, regularly.

AnarchOhio: Album Review: Family Ties / Labors of Love by CityCop / Les Doux



To be fair, I hadn’t heard of Les Doux before this split.

Since looking them up, two things are true. One, I love their album cover on Dialects. Two, Les Doux is a versatile band drawing from many influences to create a sound that may appear sound like “typical hardcore” at first, but is…

Super kind review. We’re still a band. We have some cool things that we are going to be announcing soon. 

For now we have two shows coming up. 

Saturday - The Yellow Fiddle w/ Enjoy the Weather and Full Body Japanese 

Monday - The Porn Hall w/ Octaves and Full Body Japanese 

Come hang out. 

We haven’t done much of anything lately besides practice and work. We’re a terribly boring band.

We did a live session at KJHK on our last tour with CityCop. We were fortunate enough for them to let us play a few songs. Check it out. 

1. Silver Creek 

2. Exclamatory 

3. A Fool of Us All 

4. Stomaching Loss 

Okay, okay…

The NHL playoffs are over. We can once again resume being a band. We have some shows coming up in our neck of the woods. With some good friends. 

June 26th w/ Maylene and the Sons of Disaster 

June 30th w/ Statuette 

July 8th w/ The Measure Of 

.Demo. 5/13


We haven’t been doing much as a band. We’ve all been in the middle of finals and the NHL playoffs just started.  

SXSW 2013 with our best friends

Family Ties/Labors of Love (FOR FREE)